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Our commitment is to offer our guests a significant and unforgettable experience, so that each of them comes away with indelible travel memories. Attention to detail and the quality of service accompanies us in the form of a real mission to promote sincere and genuine hospitality.

Respect for traditions

Our hotels are the outcome of a commitment to reclamation and restoration of structures that tell their history from bygone times. The historic Mulino of the fifteenth century, the Villa of the eighteenth century and Hotel Plaza Lucchesi, one of the first hotels to open in Florence in 1860, prior to the unification of Italy. We have conserved the historic value of each of them with passion and dedication so that each of our guests can enjoy their lasting allure when they cross the threshold.


Technology is at the service of experience. We are continuously committed to building a real culture of innovation in the hotel business, to support increasingly more efficient and personalized service.


Group synergy is an awareness that accompanies us day by day. Working together we obtain better results that exceed the sum of our individual successes.